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Masca Ridge

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Ride along winding roads and rolling hills along amazing sceneries with breathtaking miradores of the wild north shore.

After a short climb at the beginning of our ride, we descend towards the northern coast until Garachico & Buenavista del Norte. From there, we will climb back up into the mountains on a spectacular 12km uphill route, before recovering, and then descending into the Masca-Valley. Then followsanother 4km climb with a gradient up to 20%, a tough challenge to experience. Continuing the route leads us downhill over Santiago del Teide & Arguayo, on winding roads back to Free Motion Bike Center.

Tour Facts

Tour Day
Group: Hobby ⌀ 20-25 km/h
Route: 79 km
Altitude: 2015m 2880m
Tour start: Tenerife T3


Tour price includes

  • Guided tour
  • Energy nutrition bar
  • Water or isotonic drink
  • Shuttle from Free Motion to tour starting point (to avoid heavy traffic zones)