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Teide south

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Here you´ll experience the impressive landscapes in a 12 km climb which leads to the crater of Mount Teide. This is a “must” if the long version is too much for you.

This is the ideal introduction to see if you´re fit for the main climb towards Mount Teide. The start from Granadilla will take you over a 15km non-stop climb, from 700m to 1500m of altitude. The descent to our end point is pure joy and a great way to finish up a memorable day out on the bike. Once confirmed, you´re up to take the next challenge, join the “Teide West Tour”!

Tour Facts

Tour Day
Group: Hobby ⌀ 20-25 km/h
Route: 45 km
Altitude: 950m 1520m
Tour start: Tenerife T3


Tour price includes

  • Guided tour
  • Energy nutrition bar
  • Water or isotonic drink
  • Shuttle from Free Motion to tour starting point (to avoid heavy traffic zones)