Tour start: 9:30 at our shop in Playa del Inglés

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Soria - Road bike excursion on Gran Canaria

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Make your cycling dreams come true!

Let's go on a thrilling road cycling adventure packed with everything you could wish for! We start this road tour from Free Motion in Playa del Inglés, and together, we explore the picturesque mountain village of Soria. Our ride takes us through various terrains, from rolling hills to flat roads, with short and long climbs that get our hearts racing and exhilarating descents that will make us feel truly alive. The breathtaking vistas unfold, featuring ocean coastlines, tranquil valleys, and majestic mountains.

Curious about the ride? We kick things off with a 17km warm-up as we head towards the charming town of Arguineguín. From there, we conquer a gentle false flat, but still, a little bit of an uphill stretch that leads us to the delightful village of Cercados de Espino. The ultimate challenge of the day still awaits us: a 5.6km ascent to Soria, boasting an average gradient of 7.7%. We reach the summit and gather at a local restaurant for a light, satisfying lunch. Our options include invigorating mango juice, a variety of toasts, and delectable cinnamon-infused bread.

This tour is more than about the cycling experience it offers; it is about those unforgettable memories we'll create together. It's a journey of camaraderie, adventure, and pure cycling joy. So, let's pedal towards our dreams and conquer the roads of Soria as a team!

Tour facts

Day: Thu

Route: 70 km

Altitude: 1170m    1170m

Tour start: Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria

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