Tour start: 9:30 at our shop in Playa del Inglés

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Tauro Pass Soria - Road bike excursion on Gran Canaria

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Meet Serenity, a climb to remember!

Join us on an unforgettable cycling adventure in Gran Canaria, where we embark on a road bike tour like no other. Our journey begins at the Free Motion Bikecenter in Playa del Inglés. But, before we hop onto our bikes, we jump on a 25-minute transfer to the picturesque port town of Puerto de Mogán. From there, our wheels start spinning as we begin a gentle ascent to the charming town of Mogán, at 249 meters above sea level. Here's where the real excitement begins – we turn right and find ourselves on the legendary climb known as Tauro Pass, Serenity or the "Little Stelvio." As we conquer the road, hairpin bends, and stunning vistas accompany us.

At 915 meters, we reach the summit, savouring our achievement. But the adventure isn't over yet; exhilarating twists and turns await as we descend to the tranquil village of Soria. Our pit stop at Casa Fernando in Soria is a treat for the senses. Fresh mango juice, a variety of toasts, and delectable cinnamon-laced bread are just some of our options for refuelling. Recharged, we dive into the valley's thrilling descent, rewinding our way to the coast. Along the route, rolling hills offer magnificent ocean views, making every pedal stroke worth it.

If you're seeking a guided tour in Gran Canaria that combines breathtaking scenery with thrilling road bike tours, join us for a climb to remember – for all the right reasons! Book now, and let's pedal together towards adventure and discovery.

Tour facts

Day: Tue

Route: 62 km

Altitude: 1200m    1200m

Tour start: Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria

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