We ride.

It's part of us.

It's how we choose to live.

We understand cyclists, because we are cyclists.

As a cyclist you feel it sometimes: the flow.

You move, you pedal without feeling the effort. You achieve a meditative state.

Everything falls in a perfect place: bike, road, your form…even your fellow riders.

The perfect ride is something you have to earn for yourself.

It is the result of your own discipline.

Once you achieve it, that's what makes the best memories.

But you can’t expect to find that moment on every ride.

There are too many variables, that play a role. At Free Motion, we help to get those factors under control.

We strive to set you up for your perfect ride.

The pursuit for the perfect ride connects all cyclists. We seal our intentions with a distinctive mark. To remind ourselves to get you there and to set a benchmark for our work.

Where we come from

It was December 1999, when the founders of Free Motion, Michael and Sandra came to Gran Canaria.

The perfect conditions and their passion for cycling brought them to a vision and a business idea: They founded Free Motion. The initial idea and promise: Best cycling all year.

Rent high end bikes from the best brands, organise tours for a like-minded community, offer like-new bikes in an incomparable offer. Setting their own benchmark in service and quality, the concept became well known a continued success story.

Great partners in the bike and clothing industry soon recognised the potential of showing off their products within the platform Free Motion created.

Today Free Motion is the number 1 bike rental and tours company on the Canary Islands, offering a similar standard on Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote.

With 10 Stations, Free Motion is always close, wherever cyclists choose to pursue their perfect ride.