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Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria
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Road Riding Weeks

Start daily - choose your date

Bike Week
7 days bike + 5 guided tours

From € 229,-
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Bike Days
5 days bike + 3 guided tours

from € 159,-
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MTB Weeks

Bike week starts every Sunday or Monday / Bike days starts every day

Bike Week
6 days bike + 5 guided tours

From € 339,-
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Bike Days
5 days bike + 3 guided tours

From € 259,-
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Our cycling packages offer something for everyone, whether you’re a serious cyclist after every last performance gain, or a recreational rider looking to casually cruise along sun-kissed roads.
We have different groups to choose from, all riding at different levels, with the possibility to change groups throughout your week if you’re finding things too tough (or too easy). The package includes a premium rental bike a Free Motion T-Shirt, a daily nutrition package, mechanical service and more. 

Four great reasons to join us

Friendly, experienced guides
Our guides know the islands like the backs of their hands, with heaps of local knowledge to help make your cycling trip one to remember. The team are all prepared to provide advice on skills and technique, as well as lead you and your group on the daily rides. A good time is guaranteed!

Explore a cyclists paradise
Not only do we have some of the best year-round weather on the Canaries, we also have some of the most courteous and careful drivers. Cycling here you might even forget what it’s like to ride in the stress of traffic back home.

Top bikes, pro servicing
All our bikes are premium high-end models from the best brands available, including Cannondale, Specialized, and Pinarello. They’re all current models with premium components, and our huge range makes us one of the best in Europe. Every Free Motion bike is serviced by pro mechanics before every rental.

Hang with cyclists like you
Our rides are organised into four different riding abilities, which makes it easy for you to find the right level for you. Pick the wrong group? It’s super easy to switch. Our guides are friendly, laidback and focused on keeping you safe while you enjoy this blissful cycling haven.

Customer Reviews

"Great Service! Great Bike! Great Climbs!
A great weeks cycling that is going to be hard to beat."

Stuart (Norway) on Facebook

"A fantastic bike week with nice guided tours.
special I want to thank Bart and Danny for thier help.
I want to congratulate the whole team for their effort. Thanks"

Jef (Belgium) on Website

Hi Guys and Gals at Free Motion
Just got back from a week in GC doing your Road Riding tour.
Nothing but praise for everyone who I came across ... good leaders, great service and a fun bunch of folks.

Karrie, UK on Website

"Riding in gran canaria was one of the greatest holidays ( and trainings weeks ) I've ever done!.. we had great bikes (cannondale) perfect weather, amazing tours ( valley of tears, tauro pass etc. ) and the best guides ever! thumbs up for bart and matthias which had to encourage me sometimes!!.. was hard but absolutely FANTASTIC!...
I already miss these empty roads to do fast downhills, all these hard climbs with many turns and the perfect climate to ride!"

Martina (Switzerland) on Facebook

"Dear Free-Motion Team

My first bike-week in Gran Canaria but of course not the last one. 6 days of great rides - that was just awesome.

Bikes are in an excellent shape, team is always friendly and helpful and also special requests (e.g. install a Garmin cadence / speed sensor) was not a problem at all."

Daniel (NL) on Website

"Great bike center in canaria, very good bikes and guides, hard climbs, sunny weather, ,... . It's not enough known in France.
surely I come back in 2017 for the third time."

Joel (France) on Facebook

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