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Bike Tours

Gran Canaria

Road and MTB guided tours will start on the 4th of October.
Guided e-Trekking tours will start on the 18th of October.
And eMTB tours will start on the 1st of November.

In the meantime, take a look at the tour schedule here.

You can also check out this season's bike models here and book them directly online.

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Bike categories: Road Bike | MTB | E-MTB | E-Bike
Season: Summer | Winter
Levels: Road Bike (Cappuccino, Hobby, Sport) | MTB XC/Tour (Intermediate, Advanced) 

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Grand Canyon
Start your mountain biking week with a mix of everything!
Distance: 41 km
Uphill: 660 m
Downhill: 660 m
Tour start: Playa del Ingles

€ 59,-
incl. Rental Bike
Info & Booking
The perfect introduction to mountain biking in Gran Canaria. We cycle inland, along a quiet valley road and past traditional farms, until we reach the reservoir of Ayagaures. After crossing the dam, a solid dirt road leads to the scenic Eagle Pass. Next, we cross the Valley of Vicentes where rocky terrain and perfect silence await us. But the best is still to come: The descent of the “Grand Canyon” - a perfect way to finish this mountainbike tour in style and high on adrenalin.
Green North
Get ready for a panoramic view of the North and some challenging trails.
Distance: 33 km
Uphill: 550 m
Downhill: 1650 m
Tour start: Playa del Ingles

€ 79,-
incl. Rental Bike
Info & Booking
We start the MTB tour at 1100m above sea level in the North of the island and ride through a forest of fragrant eucalyptus trees towards Firgas. On reaching the scenic mountain village, we stop for lunch and get ready for the next part of the tour. The climb ahead is tough and will put your legs to the test. But the view from the top is well worth the effort. And the best, of course, is to come: a freewheeling descent with berms and drops, until we reach El Picacho. Next, it’s time to focus and show off your skills! We will ride along narrow rocky trails all the way to the historical centre of Arucas.
Tirajana Crater
A genuine fast paced route, with much happening and much to pay attention to!
Distance: 39 km
Uphill: 420 m
Downhill: 1455 m
Tour start: Playa del Ingles

€ 79,-
incl. Rental Bike
Info & Booking
The Tirajana Crater is an enormous volcanic crater, and our playground for the day! After an easy start in the area of Risco Blanco where we enjoy great panoramic views, a rocky singletrail will lead us to Santa Lucia. From there we continue on the more challenging Ansite trail to La Fortaleza, an ancient cave settlement of the Guanche people. Time for lunch, in front of the cave with more mind-blowing views to admire! You will need your strength for the second part of the ride! First, we ride over the dry riverbed on the bottom of the crater, then along the coastline back to our bike shop in Playa del Inglés.
Summit East
Ready for an epic descent? From the top of the island, to sea level!
Distance: 41 km
Uphill: 340 m
Downhill: 2240 m
Tour start: Playa del Ingles

€ 79,-
incl. Rental Bike
Info & Booking
If you love the thrill of downhill MTB and want to discover the most spectacular views of Gran Canaria, this is the mountainbike tour for you! It starts at Pico de las Nieves and takes us through an ancient forest of majestic pine trees. All is still and quiet, the only sound is the soft crunch of our tyres on the pine needles...Sch! Next up, a long and technical offroad descent, that demands full concentration before we stop for lunch in Valsequillo. From there we head right into the rock gardens of Valley of San Miguel and the flow trail of Tara. Then it is time to relax and enjoy the last section before the shoreline finish.
Fataga Trails
Ride your MTB through the heart of the island! A tour for ambitious beginners.
Distance: 43 km
Uphill: 500 m
Downhill: 1700 m
Tour start: Playa del Ingles

€ 79,-
incl. Rental Bike
Info & Booking
This mountain bike tour starts in the centre of the island, at 1200m. Rocky trails lead up a steep climb to Cruz Grande, but the impressive views offer a pleasant distraction from the effort. As we ride through the heart of the island, we take in twisty trails, unspoilt scenery, and spectacular views. After a few more rock gardens and flow trails, we reach the picturesque village of Fataga, where we stop for a well-earned lunch break. Fuel up, because after lunch awaits another challenging climb towards Degollada las Yeguas, the most fabulous viewpoint in the South! From there on, it is all smiles again as we descend on a single trail to Maspalomas and back to civilization.

Road biking on Gran Canaria:
The island has quiet mountain roads with smooth asphalt, spectacular scenery, high peaks, deep valleys, long climbs and fast descents - equally suited for pros, amateurs and hobby riders. Eternal summer makes riding ideal all year. The classic climbs like "Pico de las Nieves", "Serenity-Tauropass" and "Valley of the Tears" are both challenging and rewarding experiences for all cyclist alike. More here.

You can switch the levels by clicking the level drop-down menu on the tour overview tab: 

Cappucino Roadbike GC
Cappucino Roadbike

Average daily mileage: 41-67 km

Daily elevation: 560m up to 1.330m

Average speed: 18-24 km/h

A new experience for those who want to ride easy while being active on a road bike during their holidays. Our guides will show you the wonderful scenery of Gran Canaria while you gain experience riding in a group with like-minded people. You will have enough time to rest and take photos. Two days a week there´s a shuttle service to a different starting point.

Hobby Roadbike GC
Hobby Roadbike

Average daily mileage: 58-96km

Daily elevation: 930m up to 2.610m

Average speed: 20-25 km/h

You’re ready to take on several climbs at a steady, but moderate pace. You will need to be a regular rider on the road and be able to ride for 2 hours minimum non-stop. We also recommend you have experience of riding in a group. We challenge ourselves once a week with the legendary climb to the summit (Pico de las Nieves), but at a slower pace than the other groups. 2

Sport Roadbike GC
Sport Roadbike

Average daily mileage: 52-96 km

Daily elevation: 930m up to 2.610m

Average speed: 22-27 km/h

The sport level has the same routes as our Hobby-level, with several climbs and long descents, but are ridden at a faster, more consistent pace. We stop occasionally to take in the views or fill our bottles. The mid route rest stop will be a well deserved break. Road riding is part of your sport regime and you feel comfortable with a stronger group in the mountains.

Only for experienced mountain bikers. Variable and difficult terrain conditions. Not suitable for beginners!
Advanced MTB riding skills are necessary for all tours from level 3. 

The level description refers to the point scale you can find on each MTB tour box:


Free Motion offers mountain bike tours with two levels - Intermediate and Advanced.

To make sure you have the best possible experience on tour with us, it's essential that you choose a level that fits your abilities. Take into consideration that you're going to ride on a volcanic, rocky island. The surface is most likely a bit rougher than what you are used to when cycling in Middle- and Northern Europe.

You are on holiday! 

To make sure you have a fun experience all throughout the tour, please be honest with yourself when choosing tour level. With enough energy, you will be able to enjoy the ride fully, stay safe and get back with a smile on your face. 

If you're not sure which level to choose, it's recommended to book the lower level. The first few kilometers on each tour, both levels ride together. When we split the group, there is still the possibility to down- or upgrade the pre-booked level. Our guides are there to suggest the best option for you and to ensure "The Perfect Ride!"

Moderate MTB GC EN

Fitness: 1 of 4 points

Moderately Condition, max 400hm, max 8%, low pace

Technique: 1 of 4 dots

Basic knowledge of riding, braking and gear systems, some experience on the off road on some coarse gravelly or rocky ground.

Demanding MTB GC EN

Fitness: 2 of 4 dots

Good Condition, max 600 meters up, max 15%, moderate pace

Technique: 2 of 4 dots

You have good bike control on coarse gravelly or sandy tracks and are confident on some steep ascents and descents.

Difficult MTB GC EN

Fitness: 3 of 4 dots

Physically Fit, max 800 meters up, max 20%, moderate pace

Technique: 3 of 4 dots

You have good competent bike control on technical singletrack as well as on climbs and descents with rough gravelly slopes where the surface is mostly loose and inconsistent.

Very difficult MTB GC EN

Fitness: 4 of 4 dots

Physically Fit, max 1.200 meters up, max 25%, moderate pace

Technique: 4 of 4 dots

You have very professional bike control on any terrain with steep slopes, rocky loose sections and varied single track.


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